Introducing….The Wright Agency

Introducing….The Wright Agency

We have been writing for years on topics like how to create better CTAs, how to improve website conversions, and how to rebrand a business. These are obviously critical issues where the solutions evolve over time, so it is therefore important to ask the questions periodically. Have there been changes in the industry? Is your company accurately portrayed in the market? Earlier this year, we flipped the question around and asked ourselves.

Is Wright’s Printing and Marketing in need of a rebrand?

Admittedly, this is a little like the doctor operating on his or herself (and they say that doctors make terrible patients.)

But consider the facts.

The Market Has Changed

Wright’s Printing & Marketing was launched in 2003 because our founder saw the need for better quality control in the print industry. He also had the foresight to recognize that there was additional business to be had when companies came here to (for example) print brochures or business cards. Providing marketing solutions was a more valuable, less commoditized service, and it remains to this day a great showcase for talent and creative collaboration. Also, unlike years ago, it is now simple to measure the ROI of different campaigns and compare them to see what worked best. But probably the most compelling reason was because the market had changed. There are so many more potential marketing channels today (and ways to use them) than there were 13 years ago, and many require different insights and skill sets. The techniques that were successful in 2003 won’t cut it today without major modifications. It was decided that the company needed the same.

Introducing…..The Wright Agency. Same Brains. New Name.

So as we were saying, earlier this year, Wright’s Printing & Marketing took a long, hard look at its business mix, customers, and advertising, and asked itself all of these questions and more. The unanimous conclusion was….it was time for a rebrand. The marketing business was large enough to stand on its own, as was the print side. Separating the two and rebranding would simplify marketing and advertising, simplify communications with prospects and customers, and refine corporate direction. A new logo that supported the more edgy marketing and advertising vibe of an agency was essential (see the logo – inspired by brains.) After more than ten years under the old moniker, it was time to take our own medicine. We did, and the new companies are healthy and ready to compete for your business!


What Is A Brand

A brand was once described by ad legend David Ogilvy as “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes.” It’s more than a functional website, far more than a catchy slogan and a fancy new logo, and well beyond the product or service itself. It’s the Pavlovian response to your company, and it can be very powerful. Think about how you feel at the movies when you hear the THX audio logo or the opening fanfare to a 20th Century Fox production. Consider your thoughts when seeing the Apple logo or the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz. It’s emotional. It’s physical. It’s visceral.

Wright’s Printing & Marketing is now Wright’s Printing and The Wright Agency.


Michael Ciota