The J Beard Real Estate Company – Commercial Real Estate

The J Beard Real Estate Company – Commercial Real Estate
SEO Boost, Digital Media Optimization and Brand Refresh

As with many clients, it all starts with a need for a responsive web site and a desire for stronger search results. The J Beard Real Estate Company was no exception. The influx of commercial Realtors in the area and the ever changing Google algorithms were putting the pressure on this company to figure out a way to get to the top of search engines. And, since a responsive web site that could be easily updated by the client was also on the list of demands, The Wright Agency made a promise. Follow our lead, and we’ll get you results.

We carefully planned a site map with keyword research, conducted a competitive analysis and evaluated their multiple product offerings in order to generate rich content. New, more striking and appealing visuals were created to position the company as a leader in commercial real estate. Additionally, an integrated property search tool was created for clients to customize searches. Collateral and advertising were also updated to reflect the new brand language and image.

Brand Refresh, Digital Media Optimization, SEO Boost